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Accepted Solution

Feature Analyzer failed to load vector tiles

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Hello community,


I'm trying to set up an analyzer view and i'm running into a "Failed to load resource error".


The data is in a postgis database. I've imported it and created a vector set and published the imported data.

In my analyzer, the data is used in my chart but does not appear in the map view.


Here is the error.



And here is my view as of now




Also note that i have an id column and that the tiles are present in the warehouse.


Hope someone can help with this.

Thanks in advance.




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Posts: 196
Registered: ‎03-04-2016

Re: Feature Analyzer failed to load vector tiles

Hey community,


Just to let you guys know that i've resolved my issue.

Actually, my warehouse was not shared between both servers (MApp Server and Tile server) so of course the M.App Service couldn't see the vector tiles.


SInce i'm working with virtual machines, i just set up a new shared folder and used it as warehouse.


Right now my Analyzer is working just fine with data in postgis and published in M.App Enterprise.



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Re: Feature Analyzer failed to load vector tiles



I've exactly the same problem and settings like edohalove.

Vector Data is in a PostGIS DB and is displayed correctly during the configuration of the Feature Analyzer. But it is not displayed in the consumer app and I got the same error "Failed to load ressource:...".

Could you or anybody else explain the solution in more detail?





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Re: Feature Analyzer failed to load vector tiles

Hi chsc,


In the original case here the issue was that the M.App Service couldn't reach/find the published Vector Sets since the warehouse folder was not shared/permissible between the M.App and Tile server.


It was resolved by making a new shared folder that the M.App Server and Tile Server could both access and specifying that in the configuration for both. Here is an example look at what that looked like during install/configuration/modify


If you have already tried that and the issue remains you likely have a different issue than this topic and may wish to either open a new thread or a support ticket.