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Accepted Solution

Feature Analyzer tooltips

[ Edited ]

I can not see most of my data attributes in the tooltip section.

There should be around 50 attributes, but i can only see three of them.

Is that a bug or is there a way I can change this?

What is the requirement for an attribute to be available as a tooltip?


I can use all of the other attributes in my charts though.


I use Mapp Enterprise 16.1

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Re: Feature Analyzer tooltips

For attributes to be available as tooltips in Feature Analyzer, the user will need to define the fields in the Vector Data definition screen in MAE Studio. This allows the system to stream in only what is needed (and visible) vs. the entire dataset. To do this:


  1. In Content->Vector Data, edit your data set.
  2. In the tooltips section, enter in the fields you want to use. Start with a { and a list of fields will pop up.
  3. IN the end, you’ll want something similar to this:

{ENTITY.<field name>}

{ENTITY.<field name>}


  1. Re-publish the vector set.
  2. The tooltips should now be visible in FA.


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Registered: ‎11-19-2015

Re: Feature Analyzer tooltips

Thank you, that was working for me!


I also had to change the daat type of my colums. ME can not work with small integers in case of tooltips.


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Re: Feature Analyzer tooltips


Extending the conversation, i have a question almost in the same theme.

It's possible to attach multimedia (image and video) just to one point or polygon instead to atach it to each row?


Attached you will find an image of what im trying to explain.


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Re: Feature Analyzer tooltips



Yes it is possible to attach multimedia items such as videos, websites, pictures within a tooltip using Feature Analyzer, however you cannot simply use the URL link to accomplish this. The URL link (be it a link to a picture or video must be wrapped in some HTML for it to work).


However, this HTML wrapping can be done using a Functional Attribute. The Functional Attributes tab lets you create additional attributes from existing attributes. These new attributes are not stored, they are calculated on-the-fly, on an as needed basis, and hence they are dynamic. After creating an attribute, they can be used just like any other attribute within the application. To embed a video within a tooltip, please see workflow below…


  1. Open your view.
  2. Open the Configuration panel.
  3. Click the Functional Attributes tab to bring this tab to the forefront.
  4. Click the FUNCTIONAL ATTRIBUTES > Add button to add a  new functional attribute entry.
  5. Use the FUNCTIONAL ATTRIBUTES > Attribute Name text box to enter Embed Video (can be any name you want).
  6. Click the ToolTip Max Button.pngMaximize button to expand the JAVASCRIPT area.
  • The JAVASCRIPT area is used to construct the functional attributes.
  • This area contains three controls, an Examples drop-down list, an Insert button and a scripting area, all of which work together when creating a new attribute.


  1. Select the default statement return "New Attribute"; and delete it, as this statement is just placed holder and hence it is not needed.
  2. Click on the Examples drop-down list to display the contents.
  • This drop-down list contains a collection of JAVA Scripting examples.
  • Use this control to choose sample code examples.
  • Once a sample has been selected, you can use it as a guide or template to create your own functional attribute.
  • This list contains numerous examples.


  1. These examples have been divided into six sections: Values, Strings, Date & Time, Logical, Multimedia, Geometry, and Chart (Tooltips). There are several Multimedia (Tooltips) scripting examples, these include Embed a Video, Link to a Video, Link to a Webpage, Embed an Image (No Scaling), and Embed an Image (Scaling). These can be used to create sophisticated tooltips. These can be used to build a tooltip similar to the example below:

ToolTip Screen Shot 50%.png



Continue on...


  1. Choose the Multimedia (Tooltips) > Embed a Video option.
  2. Click the Insert button.
  • The Insert button inserts the selected example script into the scripting area.
  • The new script is always appended to the last line in the scripting area, regardless of where the cursor is positioned.
  • In this case, the script contains code for wrapping a YouTube embedded video (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/embed/nJDJRbLe338 ) in HTML is inserted.
  • All the examples include comments. Comments are provided to help those users with little to no JAVA scripting skills.
  • This particular example contains one variable link. This will be used to create a functional attribute for use in a tooltip.


  1. Replace the word Video_URL with your attribute name (i.e. the attribute containing the video URL).
  • Video_URL is just a placeholder.
  • Replacing this with the name of an actual attribute that contains a URL link will allow this attribute to be used in a tooltip.
  1. Click the Close button to minimize the JAVASCRIPT area.
  2. Click the Apply button.
  • The Apply button in this instance evaluates the script and runs it.
  • If you have the syntax correct, the new attribute will be created and appended to SAMPLE FEATURE DATA
  • If for some reason, you get an unexpected value, examine your script and look for syntax errors.
  1. Use the scrollbar in the SAMPLE FEATURE DATA frame to scroll to the far right.
  2. You should see a new attribute called Embed Video.
  3. Just add this new attribute to your tooltips and you should be good to go.



 Hope this helps... Robert

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Re: Feature Analyzer tooltips

[ Edited ]

Hello, thanks a lot for your explanation, it's very clear.


Now, what i mean is, once you aply all configuration that you explain, and clic on a cluster of 2 or more points, the video/image appears hte same time as the number of the clustering, if there's 4 point cluster appears 4 times the same video in the same window.

My question is how to only show the video y one especific point/coordinate, and is this possible?

I want to show an different image for each point.

Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎07-12-2016

Re: Feature Analyzer tooltips

Yes it is possible to show a unique image or video for each location. See the view hyperlink below for results. 


Click Me for Sample View


To do this, each record must have a pointer to the image similiar to the example below:


Longitude Latitude Photo
37.36667 36.06667 http://combatlootingac.maps.arcgis.com/sharing/rest/content/items/8a213fc0c8db42e5863a3b9c6438cbd5/d...
43.12083 36.35139 http://combatlootingac.maps.arcgis.com/sharing/rest/content/items/db3494bf2d944f24b3b6b0b5159445c6/d...
38.26806 34.55139 http://combatlootingac.maps.arcgis.com/sharing/rest/content/items/a7b28fe48c4d487680c2fd1bd16aea9a/d...

With this, then use a Functional Attribute as described in the my previous post to wrap the HTML need to display these in a tooltip.



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Re: Feature Analyzer tooltips

Thats it!.

Great example, thanks a lot, now i'm on it.


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Re: Feature Analyzer tooltips

Thx for your extensive explanation and step-by-step help. I've got just another question about the tooltip. How did you changed the background color into gradient white-purple? Because I've the standard which is black-white gradient and it's sometimes disturbing the contrast with the text.

Thank you!

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Re: Feature Analyzer tooltips

the background color of the tooltip is correspondent to the color of the feature it is categorized. To change the background of the tooltip, you need to change the color of the theme.