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Accepted Solution

Fusion Setup Exception



While intsalling Fusion for M.App Enterprise, i got error: Exception in 'InstallExtensions': No such host is known. the installation stop.




Maha Kamal
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Re: Fusion Setup Exception

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Hi Maha,


This typically happens, when there's a problem connecting to the database - make sure you can reach the database connection from the Fusion server and that the connection information is correct.


For example, I've seen a case where folks left the < > characters for the server name instead of completely replacing them:

jdbc: postgresql://<server>:5432/<database>

  • jdbc: postgresql://<myPGserver>:5432/<myDatabse> - INCORRECT
  • jdbc: postgresql://myPGserver:5432/myDatabse - CORRECT

(ps: I've added blank space after jdbc: only by purpose here, it was getting replaced by an emoticon)

Jan Neumann
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