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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-11-2017

How to get User Roles in the workflow

Dear Community,

I need to get the user roles in order to hide/show some actions inside my workflow .


i.e. I have two roles: A and B , in my layer I have some geometries with a "type" field with a value of "A" or "B" . I have some action that both roles can perform, BUT I need to show the edit action only when the role and the type are the same.   Only role A can edit A features, only role B can edit B features, but both roles can activate the other actions.


I already can turn the visibility on/off after a session value, but if I use  {SESSION.UserRoles} I only get "System.String[]"


Do you have any suggestions?


Kind regards


New Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-11-2017

Re: How to get User Roles in the workflow

[ Edited ]

I find a solution that works for me.


I have an hidden actionset with autostart. In my "service" form there is a field for each role, each field has a default value of Object-Provider type (IsInRoleProvider) . This give a true or false value to the field.


The form have a script that activates a trigger for each role:


IG.vent.on('form:ready', function (form) {  	
{PLACE_HOLDER_NAME: IG.getItemById('FIELD_NAME').getValue()}}) });

Linked to this form there is a session trigger that gets the value of PLACE_HOLDER_NAME and sets a session trigger "myROLE" with value of true or false.



In my work workflow form now is possible to switch on/off the visibility of any item using this sql:


select CASE 
WHEN ({SESSION.ITEM_TYPE} = 'A' and {SESSION.my_ROLE} = 'True') THEN 'true'
WHEN ({SESSION.ITEM_TYPE} = 'B' and {SESSION.my_ROLE_2} = 'True') THEN 'true'
ELSE 'false'
END from dual


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Re: How to get User Roles in the workflow

Thanks for sharing!

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