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How to upload data on Feature Analyzer ?

Dear Community ,


I need to make a dashboard. How can upload my data source here (vector set , data set) ? Even I have CSV file (ASSETS data), Please see the below screenshot. If you have any tutorial please send me. Thanks !


Feature Analyzer.png

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Re: How to upload data on Feature Analyzer ?

Hi Liton,


As you can see there are options for input data from M.App Enterprise (MAE), Online Files (this would be for your CSV) and Web Service.


The MAE option covers vector sets and their contained vector data. Vector sets are covered in Content area of MAE and are built from existing cachable vector data in MAE. They are published from the Vector Set area.


General information on Analyzer Views in M.App Enterprise (MAE) can be found in the product documentation https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/ytzTQbbg6LRKGuBD2S0tSA/xtoP4gQ_hQX6SGPtsXnO2Q
As you will find there it references the full documentation including tutorial videos of the functionality in the Feature Analyzer suite https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/wN5CnRwedKFavrKR9GWISQ/CclXoD76fjXeDs4fe9Go4g
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Re: How to upload data on Feature Analyzer ?

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I have a similar issue. I have a file that I would like to upload but I do not have a "Local File" option in my "Feature Data" tab. I only have it in the "View Template" tab. Could you assist me how I can load my CSV file?



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Re: How to upload data on Feature Analyzer ?

Short answer is “you can´t”…


Long answer will be: You can not load data to the server from the analyzer in MAE, you have to load the data to a spatial enabled database, and generate a vector set that can then be consumed from the analyzer.


An alternate approach would be to use a file that is available in the web (I`ve even used google drive) and use the “Online Source” option, or you could use external services (like a WFS generated from a OGC compliant server). Note that this options gives you a lot of flexibility, you could actually use a MAE WFS (using the right request) to get the data in json format and consume it from the online source tab.


Please keep in mind that the analyzer in MAE is not the same than the one you can use in the M.Apps store, MAE is for enterprise solutions where there is a need to have control over the data that gets published.

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Re: How to upload data on Feature Analyzer ?

 "(I`ve even used google drive)"

Interesting !

which is the syntax to use to specify the url to access Gdrive file ?