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Accepted Solution

Initial charge

Hey guys,


I have a question, and  I can't seem to find the anwser in the documentations.

Bear with me if it's already mentionned somewhere please.


Can someone explain what are the Environment and Charge for the initial charge configuration?

During the training, we didn't see that part (or maybe I forgot?).

I have seen this in the documentation but it's not clear enough for me:



This section gives you an overview of all uploaded charges for this M.App Enterprise instance.

Delete -- Deletes all selected elements from the list.

New -- You can add new content to the list.

Filter -- Define your filter to get a specific subset of list elements.At first you have to define the column, which should be filtered. Click on Add Filter to get it to the list. In the list you can define different filter operators:

    Starts with
    Ends with
    Greater or equal than
    Greater than
    Smaller or equal than
    Smaller than
    Is Not In

The last input you have to define to successfully create a filter is the value.

Edit -- The pencil button allows you to edit the list entry.

Delete -- Allows you to delete one specific entry in the list.

Add a new Charge

Environment -- Defines the name of the environment for which the charge should be used

Charge -- Upload of the charge file

What is an environment?

What is a charge?

What is a charge file?

Can I have an exemple of the initial charge configuration?


Thanks in advance




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Re: Initial charge

Hi Elodie,


the charge is basically the amount of hours you have purchased. What you need to upload there is the license file you have got, which contains the amount of hours bought. The environment is needed to separate systems in the management. Each time you upload a charge it will be referring to a given environment. You can take a look at it in the Management -> charge.




Stefano Turcato
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Re: Initial charge

Thanks Stefano.


Makes sense. The text in Management --> was not that clear you know? It assumes that the reader knows what charge refers to.


I was too excited to start configuring stuff that i forgot that even the config time is included in the subscription.


Will work that out internally.


Thanks again for the explanation.