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Frequent Contributor
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Invalid User to Install M.App Enterprise

Regards, I have a client with problems to install M.App Enterprise, they are using domain users, in Warehouse User always obtain Invalid User, they have tried with Domain Admin User and other different options without success.


They are are trying with something like this


Warehouse User

User Name: user.name@domain.com

Domain: domain.com


I have told IT people not to use the domain (@domain.com) for the User Name, they say they have tried unsuccessfully.


Someone else has had problems installing with domains?


Thanks for advance.

Erik Salgado Estrada
STIAN, México.
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Re: Invalid User to Install M.App Enterprise



has the server properly joined the domain? What is the problem you get (you cannot proceed with the setup or you cannot run the services)? In general you should use the AD name (without .com extension), but it mainly depends on the specific environment (AD name and DNS name are linked together).



Stefano Turcato
Presale Engineer
Hexagon Geospatial