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Line Chart for Point Data Attribute

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Anyone have an idea how to visualize buoy data in M.App Enterprise, the feature in map must be point and have atribute like below, are possible to visualize in line chart?







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Re: Line Chart for Point Data Attribute

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Yes, possible using an Analyzer view in advanced mode. The datasets (point and attribute) just need a linking attribute. 


1st dataset: This will contain your point data along with an attibute linking the readings

2nd dataset: Your buoy attribute only dataset. This will need to be brought in and linked through API. (This will be much easier to do in the uncoming release).


Functional Attributes:

 - Just a single functional attribute joining the date and time data into a single field.



  • Firist chart is a composite container. This will allow you to place all readings into a single widget (see attachment)
  • Next four charts will be Date charts. Field name will be all DateTime. Measure is average <reading type>.
  • All four charts will need to be docked in the composite chart.
  • Define a static Y range on the Composite chart of something like 1.2...1.35
  • Additional charts needed to filter buoys

Hope this helps,



Composite Chart Example

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Re: Line Chart for Point Data Attribute

Very interesting answer.


can you provide an example for upload the 2nd dataset in analyzer?


I understand is through API, but I can't figure out how to do it, because it doesn't have geometry, right?




Erik Salgado Estrada
STIAN, México.
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Re: Line Chart for Point Data Attribute

i use this in console


let stage = await Analyzer.createStage("Name _of_dataset", { mode: "EnterpriseConnector", vectorset: "Name_of_VectorSet", datasetName: "Name_of_dataset_in_vectorsets"});


and success to add multiple data.


but i have no idea how to linked a point with attribute through API





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Re: Line Chart for Point Data Attribute

you have to link the stages. Please refer to the exercise 2 at Section 5a here:



Stefano Turcato
Presale Engineer
Hexagon Geospatial