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List Filters not working

Hi guys, 


Trying to show results based off a specific filtered date selected. When I make my date column filtered, and select filter ISEQUALTO, this displays nothing. 

However when I select the filter ISGREATERTHANOREQUALTO, it displays the specified row(s) related to the date, along with later dates. 
My question is, is the ISEQUALTO filter buggy or am I doing something wrong here?


Another observation is the SQLSELECT, I've tried "DATE_TIME_SUBMITTED ASC " to display latest dates and does not work either. 

What would the solution be to my 2 problems. 



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Re: List Filters not working

I would expect that ISEQUALTO will compare complete time stamp. Which means that for a datetime column, the time information is considered too and thus no rows will be selected (only if they had identical date and time).


You may try to extract the date information only and compare that one. I've found this example in GMSC documentation:

filter="SQL[TO_CHAR(DELIVERYDATE+MAXTIME/24-1/24,'dd.mm.yyyy')<=TO_CHAR(SYSDATE,'dd.mm.yyyy')]" />

As for the SQLSELECT - try to write the complete SQL select query.

Jan Neumann
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Hexagon Geospatial

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Re: List Filters not working

[ Edited ]

I have the same problem in GMSC Workflow.


I looked into the example and I am not sure how to build to  be equivalent to ISEQUALTO.


I want to be able to filter out a specific day.


I tried:

<FormField name="VBZ140_DATUM" label="Erfasst am:" visible="list,filter" datatype="date" type="datepicker" 
filter="SQL[to_char(VBZ140_DATUM, 'dd.mm.yyyy') = to_char(SYSDATE,'dd.mm.yyyy')]" />


But the result is still an empty list.


I am not sure I understand the example properly.