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Registered: ‎11-20-2015
Accepted Solution

M.App Enterprise Feature Analyzer : 2D view chart

Which kind of  chart is 2D view ? ( see attachment for details)

I didn't find any document about it.


Giorgio Sbacchi



Technical Evangelist
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Re: M.App Enterprise Feature Analyzer : 2D view chart

Hi Giorgio,


The 2D view chart is a 2D Leaflet map view control. LIke an overview map window of sorts. In the current version, it is only accessed via the API to assign features to map views but in the upcoming version of M.App Enterprise 2020 users will be able to define these (2D/3D views) and dock feature datasets in their own map window using the GUI.


In this example there are 2 map windows. The window labelled “Change Analysis” is a 2D view chart. There are no features in this view but it does allow the user in this case to swipe before/after WMS images.




Thank you for your question HTH