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Registered: ‎04-23-2019

M app Enterprise hardware requirements calculations

I want to calculate Mapp Enterprise server requirements for the following processes.

  • Processing capacity
    • Track 1 (50 images / day, 700 MB average size per image) :
      • Process 1 : RPC geometric correction
      • Band Registration & Pan-sharpening
      • ECW Export
      • Mosaic all 50 images once
    • Track 2 (4-10 images accidently not regularly , 700 MB average size per image)
      • Block triangulation & DEM Generation
  • Publishing capabilities
    • 30 users acting as viewers only and perform the following functions:
      • Dashboard
      • Workflow for viewing available layers and printing reports
    • 30 users acting as operators
      • Workflow for drawing layers


  • It’s expected to use at least 2 or 3 servers at least
  • How to calculate the following server specs to get best performance?
    • CPU : ?? Core
    • RAM: ?? GB
    • Operating System:  ?

My Question now, what is the formulas and factors I can use to calculate server requirements, and what is your roughly estimation about requirements to execute the processes explained above with the best performance?