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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-11-2017

MAE Desktop Workflow - Select ALL the rows of the table

Dear Community

In my workflow I have a table in a form where sometimes I show lots of rows (100+), some of them are already selected (multiple selection allowed) using a sql in default value field.

Sometimes the user needs to select ALL the rows in all the pages (table split by 15 rows for each page) but the "select all" check only select the rows of the current page.


Could you please suggest me a way to select all the rows in all the pages with a single action?


Thank you and best regards,


Technical Evangelist
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Re: MAE Desktop Workflow - Select ALL the rows of the table

Hi Stefano,,


To me it looks like this is not easily possible as the Previous and Next buttons send request to the server, reloading the FormTable content.


The question probably is, what you'd like to do with the all selected records? It may be just easier to have an action button that would perform the action for all current FormTable rows independent on what's selected, for example "Delete all" (with appropriate warning message).

Jan Neumann
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