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MAE - Explanation for raster in offline mode



We would like to know how the raster works in offline mode. 

Our customer works on areas where there is no connection. He would like to know how to ensure that he will always have a raster background in the app.

  • Can you explain the mechanism for iOS, Android, Windows. Does it work the same way? Which base map is used for each? The native map app of the mobile?
  • If I navigate with the native map app, does it store cache which will be used for MAE?
  • How can I ensure that I will have raster background when I use the default raster background (not a WMTS)? The layer is not visible in the synchronization panel.
  • Do you have any experience with WMTS synchronization in term of cache size?


Thank you.

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Re: MAE - Explanation for raster in offline mode

Hi yly,


  • If you configure a NativeLayer it will be using the native map on each platform (Bing Maps, Google Maps or Apple Maps) as base layer.
  • If you have configured a WMS or WMTS layer, each visited tile will be cached on demand. A native layer won't be cached on demand.
  • Depending on the platform you can do the following:
    • Windows: Settings --> Apps --> Offline maps
    • Android: Google Maps --> Download an area offline
    • iOS: No supported
  • Should be similar to the server side cache size