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MAE - WebP image format VS ECWP protocol

Having an image with a WMS enabled, creates services that supports several image formats:

I have some questions regarding the WebP format:
  1. Is this file format equivalent to the delivered imagery by the ECWP protocol?
  2. What is being consumed by a desktop app when adding image with ECWP service enabled - ECWP or Webp?
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Re: MAE - WebP image format VS ECWP protocol

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Hi Eran,


WebP can be probably rather compared to JPEG or PNG - it is possible to select if you wish to use lossy or loss-less compression when saving image in that format. It uses different kind of compression algorhitm than ECW - the final image quality may depend on compression settings and subjective visual comparison. I haven't seen very wide usage of this format though...


Desktop App uses ECWP protocol, it has no support for WebP format.



Jan Neumann
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