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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-15-2019

Mobile App: List Search for Field based on another table

Hello,I'm looking for a solution to my problem.


In my form there is a Picker that is linked to another entity (Example from Mobile Documentation):

<Picker Name="task_id" Title="Task" KeyMember="id" DisplayMember="name"
              Items="{Entity Tasks}" />


Therefore the saved value in my table is an ID of the entity Tasks. Now, if I want to search my List for a specific task which is the value mapped to the ID. Is there a way for this?


The Entity.Filter sql statement is very limited and I reckon a join is needed to map the values regarding their ID.


Hope, this is understandable. Thanks for any information!


Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎11-12-2015

Re: Mobile App: List Search for Field based on another table

Hi LaEichler,


I'm sorry but I dont understand the question you pose well enough to provide a meaningful response.

Perhaps another member understands and can help. Or you may wish to elucidate on your post by providing a visual example if possible (I like pictures that tell stories Smiley Wink )


Occasional Contributor
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎03-15-2019

Re: Mobile App: List Search for Field based on another table

Hello sclow, thanks for reaching out.Sorry for being not precise, it's hard to explain, but I try again.


Lets say I'd like to map trees. In my DB there is a table for the trees I submit via form and another table for tree type, as there are so many and I'd like to be able to pick it from a list. So first I define a field treetype_id linked to the treetype table:


<!-- Shell.xaml -->
<Entity Id="tree" Table="baum" Key="id" SyncType="Automatic" RevisionField="lastupdatetime">
	<Field Name="treetype_id" Type="Guid" ForeignEntity="Treetype" />

Then in Form.xaml I set a Picker to get a list of the values and be able to set the tree type:

<!-- Form.xaml -->
<Picker Name="treetypePicker" Title="Select Tree Type" KeyMember="id" DisplayMember="type" Items="{Entity Treetype}"/>

Now I'd like to display the tree type in the List view which is done with:

<!-- List.xaml -->
<ListCell Name="treetype_id" Title="Type" ForeignField="type" />

So far so good. Now I would like to search the list entries for tree type, how do I do this?




So I started with these code snippets but obviously this does not work, as the treetype_id is saved in the column, but I need to search the type.


<!-- Shell.xaml -->
	<Filter Id="TreeSearch" Sql="type LIKE @{TreeSearch}" />	

<!-- List.xaml-->
        <SearchShellAction Filter="TreeSearch" Placeholder="Search for tree type" />

Hope this explains it better. Thanks for any help!