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Mobile App: PolygonVectorLayer



we have two question to <PolygonVectorLayer>


1. hide layer on start
We have a PolygonVectorLayer which should be loaded on start (SyncType="Automatic"),
but which shouldn't be visible in map on start (we want to make it visible on demand later)
We tried the following parameter in <PolygonVectorLayer>,
but nothings was accepted: isActive="False", isEnabled="False", isVisible="False"
How can we hide it?

2. opacity
We want to enable opacity for <PolygonVectorLayer>
Is it possible?


Thanks a lot,
regards, Iris

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Re: Mobile App: PolygonVectorLayer

Hi Iris,


you can't hide a vector layer at the moment, but you could make to map definitions and navigate to the second map with the vector layer visible later on.


You can set opacity in colors if you use 8 digits:


Red opaque
Red with opacity set to 50%




Posts: 56
Registered: ‎11-15-2018

Re: Mobile App: PolygonVectorLayer

Hi Christian,


opacity works very well Smiley Happy



Regarding hiding of PolygonVectorLayer:

we only have one PolygonVectorLayer (and 2 NativeLayers).

So I only can determine order of multiple PolygonVectorLayer,

therefore if we only have one such layer it is always visible, am I right?


thank you very much,



Posts: 103
Registered: ‎10-25-2016

Re: Mobile App: PolygonVectorLayer

VectorLayers are always visible and you can have as many as you want, but only one background layer (like NativeLayer) can be visible at the same time.