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Registered: ‎11-15-2018

Mobile App inaccuracy with type 'Number'



We remarked that fields defined as 'Number' are stored wrong if you have big values or float numbers.


For example:


Input    	Stored Value in Form and database
25.50 		25.50 		-> OK
25.55 		25.549999	-> not OK   
7777777 	7777777  	-> OK
77777777 	77777776	-> not OK   

Our configuration:
Field 'aaa' in database table is configured as float (SQL Server)
We also tested type numeric(12,2), but it's the same behavior.


<Field Name="aaa" Type="Number" />


<Editor Name="aaa" Title="AAA"/>


Is there a better type than 'Number' we can use for?


Thank you very much,
regards, Iris