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Accepted Solution

Mobile App: using attribute based style

In Mobile APP you can set the style of a line in the following way:


<LineVectorLayer Entity="Watergangen" Color="#34AEEB" SelectionColor="#FF0000" StrokeWidth="2">
<FeatureInfo Title="Watergang: @{id1}" Detail="Status: @{status}" >

<NavigateShellAction Icon="Edit" Target="WatergangForm">

<Parameter Name="Id" Value="@{id1}" />


<!--NavigateSelectionAction /-->



But what  I need is an attribute based style , Eg depending of the value of the attribute a different collor is used for the rendering in the mapview. The rendering  should be refreshed in de mapview after de attribute is updated.


question 1 : is this possible in the mobile App

Question 2 where can i find the details how to implement?










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Re: Mobile App: using attribute based style

Hi tjip,


This can be accomplished using two entity filters in the shell and referencing them in a VectorLayer with the Filter attribute (creates two vector layers with separate colors).


It was previously discussed here (message 6) and the Mobile documentation is here for further information.