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Accepted Solution

Mobile Data Capture Workflow Change

Has anyone noticed a change in the data capture workflow on M.E. Mobile?


My field workers are reporting that after capturing a new point from the map and filling out the form when they tap save they are taken to the list not back to the map.  Apparently the mobile app used to take them directly back to the map where they could immediately capture another point but now they're having to manually navigate back to the main menu and select the map from there to get back...


I don't use the app to capture data on a regular basis so I can't speak to when, or if, it did change.




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Re: Mobile Data Capture Workflow Change

Hi Chad,


I am uncertain if this workflow has changed from version to version. This traditionally has been controlled by the 'target' parameter and should still be.

In the map adding markers the target will be set and it sounds like in this case it is set to the point attribute form.

Where this form directs the user after 'Save' is then determined by what target is set for the point attribute form in the <Navigation> section of the Shell.xaml.


for example:

Here in the map the user will be directed to the 'Crime Form' after placing the marker feature in the map and may input attributes

      <CurrentLocationAction />
      <ToggleLayerAction />
      <CaptureMarkerAction Target="CrimeForm" />

After saving the attributes the target is then used from the 'Crime Form'. In the example below it goes to 'CrimeList' which is a list of records.

I could alter this 'Target' to be the Map and it would then take the user to Map.


<Form Id="CrimeForm" Title="Halifax Crimes" View="CrimeForm" Entity="{x:Reference Crime_ent}" Target="CrimeList" />

I hope that helps explain it. As I mentioned above, I haven't noted any changes in this workflow over the various versions. It's a good idea to check on the 'Targets' and see if they are behaving as expected in the field.


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Registered: ‎03-09-2018

Re: Mobile Data Capture Workflow Change


Updating the "Target" in the Shell.xaml worked, thank you!


Probably more of an enhancement request but it would be nice if there was a way to 'go back' to the prior entity so that you don't end up several layers deep and having to tap the back arrow multiple times.





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Re: Mobile Data Capture Workflow Change

Hallo Chad,


you can use double tap to get directly back to the menu.