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Registered: ‎04-19-2018

Mobile - Dynamic Menu based on Areas



I’m trying to add a dynamic menu navigation depending on the Area I login.

I’ve checked the documentation but I can’t see how to implement this.


I have 4 areas and 4 lists with filter. I want that appears only the list based on the area.  


I’ve added in NavigationMenu.xaml these MenuItems with value IsVisible like this:



<MenuItem Target="Area1Navigation" Title="Area 1" Icon="Work" IsVisible="{Session Area1}"/>
<MenuItem Target="Area2Navigation" Title="Area 2" Icon="Work" IsVisible="{Session Area2}"/> 
<MenuItem Target="Area3Navigation" Title="Area 3" Icon="Work" IsVisible="{Session Area3}"/> 
<MenuItem Target="Area4Navigation" Title="Area 4" Icon="Work" IsVisible="{Session Area4}"/>

I can’t see where I have to add setSessionKey function, it should be in the Shell? How? Where?

And then how can I know in which AREA am I logged to assign the correct sessionKey?


Thank you very much.

I will appreciate your help.

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Registered: ‎10-25-2016

Re: Mobile - Dynamic Menu based on Areas

Hi eruiz,


can you describe your use case a bit?


It seems you would like to use areas as attributive filters instead or in addition to spatial filtering?




Posts: 33
Registered: ‎04-19-2018

Re: Mobile - Dynamic Menu based on Areas



We have 4 working areas. And it’s also an attribute of the entity.  So I’ve done 4 lists based on this attribute. Now, when user enter to the app the 4 lists are showing. We want that if you enter to 1 area, the user only visualizes the list of this area. Not the other 3 because they will be empty.


Thank you,