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Accepted Solution

Multiple Polygons select on click event

Dear Community,


I have multiple polygons with same ID  on M.App Enterprise Desktop application. I want to make same color 3 polygons when click on any one of them.  Please see the image below. I click one of them that one color is green, same time other 2 also should be green that user can understand that 3 polygons are same group. 



Thanks in Advance !


Technical Evangelist
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Re: Multiple Polygons select on click event

Topic refers to M.App Enterprise and not GMSC


This is not possible out of the box using the provided select tools.


Solution to this problem is being explored in existing support ticket.

via Javascript function, SQL query and use of SESSION variables.

Posts: 75
Registered: ‎02-19-2019

Re: Multiple Polygons select on click event

I have resolve this way , Please see the below link 


Multiple Polygons will be selected on point click