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Accepted Solution

Opening another Form from a Form

Hi Team,


I have created a form which lists all the data of a feature in a table. I have used Table, Table Fields and Table Actions.


I want to do following:


  1. Open a "Update Feature Form" by clicking on the Table Action
  2. I want that the "Update Feature Form" should open in Left window
  3. Once I save the attribute in the "Update feature Form", it should return to the previous form (same table)

For case-1 I have written following on the Table Action - 

IG.redirectToWorkflowNode({controller:'FORM', nodeid:'Update_Parcel_Attribute2'})

But it only opens the form for the last record in the database not for the current record.


I have added - urlParams:{id: ROW.id1} - 

IG.redirectToWorkflowNode({controller:'FORM', nodeid:'Update_Parcel_Attribute2', urlParams:{id: ROW.id1}})

Now its not opening the Update Feature form.


Please suggest.





Technical Evangelist
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Re: Opening another Form from a Form

[ Edited ]

Hi Shashank,


It should be possible with something like this:


IG.redirectToWorkflowNode({nodeid: 'Update_Parcel_Attribute2', urlParams: {id: {ROW.id1}}})

That's very close to what you have there, but there shouldn't be a need to use the 'controller' parameter specification.

I've tested this in a FormTable here as Action and it works for me. To return to the Form after save the 'FollowNode' parameter can be set.





Posts: 140
Registered: ‎01-13-2017

Re: Opening another Form from a Form

Thanks Stephen,


Now it's working fine.