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Publish raster data to content using js

Hello Community,


Is it possible to publish data into the content via code?

Is there a sample or documentation somewhere?

And if not, are there alternatives?



Kind regards



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Re: Publish raster data to content using js

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Hi Elodie,


The Studio API is not documented at the moment, at least not publicly AFAIK. However, if you have a DB connection present in M.App Studio, it should be pretty easy to read the network traffic. E.g. when creating a new cached vector data you require POST like this + provide the token:


The geometry type numbering should be possible to guess from existing content.

      "connectionId": "d60ab4f5-c919-48f9-cc84-ee3f4599aba9",
      "import": {
         "dimension": 2,
         "srid": 26918,
         "tableName": "airports",
         "columnName": "geometry",
         "geometryType": 4
      "isCached": true,
      "name": "airports",
      "srid": 26918


Jan Neumann
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Re: Publish raster data to content using js

Hi Elodie,


you can see the list of methods provided by Studio API using the swagger documentation (you cannot currently test the methods directly in there since it does not support authentication):



Here is a sample code to publish an imagery into Studio content:

// registers a new Imagery into Studio content and sends it to a Map panel
function setImagery(imageName) {
  var studiouser = 'Admin';
  var studiopwd = 'Admin';
  var requestData= {
		name: imageName.split('.')[0],
		physicalPath: "\\\\UNCPATH\\" + imageName,
		minScale: null,
		maxScale: null,
		isEcwp: false,
		isWmts: false,
		isWms: true
  var token = login(studiouser,studiopwd,'Studio').done(function (result) {
  var headers = {'Tenant': queryDict.tenant, 'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + token.responseJSON.access_token};
		 url: '/api/v1/studio/content/imagery',
		 type: 'POST',
		 headers: headers,
		 data: requestData,
		 success: function(data,statusText, resObject){
			// sends message to the Map panel to show the registered imagery using the Apollo Core default service
				"WKE.AddLegendItem", {
				componentName: "map",
				definitionName: "WMS",
				url: "/erdas-iws/ogc/wms/" + TENANTNAME + "?",
				layerName: imageName,
				name: imageName,
				// bbox may be got from the WMS getCapabilities
				bbox: [-81.97123374329497, 28.886115030959626, -81.95452507901035, 28.898817009870736],
				bboxCrs: "EPSG:4326", 
				supportedCrses: ["EPSG:4326","EPSG:3857"]
		error: function(errMsg) {



Stefano Turcato
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