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Rich Client Support for alternative Login/Authentification


there is a tutorial on how to create a public facing Feature Analyzer here .


We are currently trying to use this to authenticate user through an external user management system. This seems to be feasible for Browser App.


How can we do that for the Rich Client?


Our use case is as follow:

  1. the user logs in on our main web page,
  2. clicks on a picture/button on our main web page
  3. the rich client starts without requiring another login

From what I know about the Rich Client it might be tricky.


I am also wondering if support for OpenID is planned for a next version?


Most of our customers use M.App Enterprise within an existing architecture and are really bothered by the need of a second login for all the ME Apps. Several of them do not use Active Directory but other methods as SSO.




Technical Evangelist
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Re: Rich Client Support for alternative Login/Authentification

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Hi Nadia,


Have you seen this article?



It uses PowerShell script to do the job on the desktop but you already know JS version of the script too. It should be enough to just call the hnlps link when the button is clicked by a user. The hnlps link would look like this and will be automatically handled by browser, as long as there's App Launcher installed on the user's machine:


Jan Neumann
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Hexagon Geospatial

Posts: 45
Registered: ‎02-27-2018

Re: Rich Client Support for alternative Login/Authentification

Hi Jan,

I haven't seen this article. Thanks for pointing it to me.


We'll look into the solution to see if it fullfil the security requirements of our customers.