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Session variable in Shell.xaml



Is it possible to use a session variable in Shell.xaml?


I have the following list which displays areas and sets a session key (AREA_NAME) based on the users selection:


		var AREA_NAME = = '';

		Context.setSessionKey(AREA_NAME, Context.getValue('Waste_Admin_Area'));

    <ListCell Name="Waste_Admin_Area" Title="AREA TO SURVEY" />

In the Shell.xaml I would like to use this key as a filter within my navigation like this:


<Navigation Id="AREA_STREET_LIST">
          <List Id="WMS_SURVEY" Title="Survey" View="AreaList" Entity="{x:Reference AdminArea}">
		<List Id="SurveyList_CITY_CENTRE" Title="Streets To Survey" View="SurveyList" Entity="{x:Reference WMS_STREET_SURVEY}">
							<Form Id="SurveyFormCityCentre" Title="Street Survey" View="SurveyForm" Entity="{x:Reference WMS_STREET_SURVEY}" Target="SurveyList" />

				<FilterRef Filter="{x:Reference AREA_NAME}" Title="AREA" IsDefault="False"/>


Is this possible?


The filters in the Shell.xaml will look something like this:


<Filter Id="AREA_CITY_CENTER" Sql="AREA = 'CITY CENTER'" IsDefault="False"/>

<Filter Id="AREA_NORTH_WEST" Sql="AREA = 'NORTH WEST'" IsDefault="False"/>


Thank you. 


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Re: Session variable in Shell.xaml

Hi Ciaran,


If you set the session value in the selection script like that:


Context.setSessionKey('AREA_NAME', Context.getValue('Waste_Admin_Area'));

You should be able to use it in a filter in the following way:


<Filter Id="AREA_FILTER" Sql="AREA = @{AREA_NAME}" IsDefault="False"/>




Posts: 27
Registered: ‎05-11-2018

Re: Session variable in Shell.xaml

Hi Christian,


This worked.