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Frequent Contributor
Posts: 150
Registered: ‎04-29-2016

Some Features are missing(Reports, Offline Form,Security Claims,...)



Some features are missing at the M.App Enterprise Workflow: (e.g. Reports, Offline Forms,...). Are those features removed from the workflow? Or it will be available in different way?
Also, the Security Claims(actions, functions, queryies,….) and features is missing.




Maha Kamal
Community Manager
Posts: 165
Registered: ‎10-09-2015

Re: Some Features are missing(Reports, Offline Form,Security Claims,...)

Dear Maha,

I would kindly like to remind you that M.App Enterprise is a totally new product where certain parts of other products have been used as a base but this does not mean that every functionality that you might know from other Hexagon Geospatial Products has to be included in a brand new product. If you have a closer look to M.App Enterprise you will figure out that a lot of new concepts have been introduced and it is simply different to what you know so far from our Hexagon Geospatial Products.


We are happy to receive ideas and will open a separate ideation board for our products soon but this forum is not the place to claim for missing functionality as users that come to this board are trying to solve problems they have with existing functionality and their ongoing projects. 


So I hope that you understand that we will close this thread as it does not seem to fit into this discussion board.


Thanks a lot for your understanding.




Thomas Anzinger
Community Manager