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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-13-2018

Spatial Workshop - photogrammetry operators

Hi Community,


when I tested the spatial workshop I noticed that there is no operator Tridicon SGM, which is available in the Smart version of M.App (https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/uGzXj30gc9DS0dkqAhGb8g/l0sfvmlposWOQWnSzFAVqA).
Is it possible to include it or is it planned to be added in the next version?




Technical Evangelist
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Re: Spatial Workshop - photogrammetry operators

Hi Rafal,


The Smart M.Apps Spatial Workshop documentation, due to its complexness, is rather just a copy of IMAGINE documentation. This means that some of the operators listed there are actually not available on the cloud. They are for instance (and for logical reasons) "Command Line", "Preview", "Expression", etc.


I've checked Spatial Workshop in the Smart M.Apps > M.App Studio and the Tridicon SGM operator isn't there as well. I think it will firstly depend on the M.App X development team's decision to include this operator in the geoprocessing service. Then it could be carried over to M.App Enterprise.



Jan Neumann
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Hexagon Geospatial