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Support for RDNAPtrans in M.App Enterprise

Dear Community,


Is there support for RDNAPtrans in M.App Enterprise? RDNAPtrans (RDNAPTRANS™2018) is the transformation for height vaues. From RD/NAP to ETRS89 and visa/versa.


So if I load a elevation raster file in the projection RD/NAP in Fusion, create a LTS and visualize it in the browser app using the 3D map component (Luciad). Is this height information correctly transformed and are height values in the correct?




Technical Evangelist
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Re: Support for RDNAPtrans in M.App Enterprise

Hi Wim,


Unfortunately, the Luciad product portfolio does not support RD/NAP currently.  This includes LuciadRIA and LuciadFusion which M.App Enterprise (MAE) 2019 leverages. Thusly, the transformation of height values to ETRS89 is also not possible and not supported in MAE at this time.
The transformation of the elevation data to ETRS89 would need to happen prior to loading the data in the Fusion. As you have done, the user would have to transform the data to ETRS89 (or another reference) himself.   Once that has happened it is a standard workflow to load the data in Fusion, RIA and thusly the leveraged components in MAE. 
In summary, RD/NAP and it's  transformation to ETRS89 is not currently supported. Elevation data presented in ETRS89 within MAE (leveraging LuciadFusion and LuciadRIA) is supported.
I hope that helps answer your question.