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Timeout when adding cached vector layer

Good day all.


I have an issue when loading a view (created in SQL) as a cached vector layer. The layer imports, but then I have to define the caching boundaries manually. I have loaded the same layer before, without needing to define the boundaries.

When I look at the logs, I see there is a Timeout message when I imported the layer. I can only assume that the need to manually update the boundaries, is because of this timeout.


It not a problem to define the boundaries manually, but in this case it does not want to accept my boundaries, stating that it falls outside of CRS bounds.


When running a select * on my view in SQL, it takes about 26sec to complete. Im wondering what duration is MappEnt's timeout parameters? Is there a way to increase the timeout for MappEnt?


Warm regards


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Re: Timeout when adding cached vector layer

hi Adriaan,


it it fails getting the BBOX there is something wrong with the spatial metadata. When you say "I have loaded the same layer before" you mean with the same M.App Enterprise version or a previous one? At some point the validation of spatial metadata has been enhanced to avoid problems in cache creation. For instance having data outside of the CRS BBOX may lead to reprojection error, especially with multilevel cache (vectorset).


26 sec to get the result of a select * query may be a bit too much, but it could be much worst making a spatial query, and even if you increase the timeout you may get into issues while actually querying the data in a map. I would definitely check if there is room for improvements in the view definition.



Stefano Turcato
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