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Accepted Solution

Trigger for the time in mobile application

Hi all,

hope this post reach you well,

i need to know how to make trigger in the mobile application that trigger the time of editing on form (AfterUpdate,AfterSave) ?


* i have field in the database named date_time and the format of the field is timestamp without time zone



thank you

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Re: Trigger for the time in mobile application

Hi Islam,


It is only required that your DateTime field be of type 'TimeStamp'

In this way it will get updated automatically upon updating of the entity. No need for a trigger.


Here is example whereby I have database column 'TimeStamp' of datatype 'datetime' in SQLServer.

In the entity I set this type to be 'TimeStamp'


<Field Name="TimeStamp" Type="TimeStamp"/>


This is covered in the Mobile Documentation under section 'FieldTypes'