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Trigger not working in mobile app

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Following this topic, I´ve encountered a problem with the SQL trigger. As I´ve mentioned there, I’ve set a trigger in my shell that should be executed on after save and after update. The trigger is firing as it should but the query it´s sending is not working. The trigger´s definition looks like this:


	<SqlTrigger Id="UpdateTrigger" Method="AfterSave,AfterUpdate" Sql="UPDATE reportes_3857 SET nomloc = 'trigger test text' where id=@{id} "/>



As far as I understand,  @{id} should be substituted by the application with the corresponding value, but that’s not the case, according to the postgres logs the app is sending the query as it is ( id=@{id} ) .


What i´m assuming is that, since the workflow is creating a new record, there is no value assigned @{id} and the trigger gets no value to use. If I omit the trigger, the app creates a guid for the record when it gets saved.


Am I missing something?

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Re: Trigger not working in mobile app

it seems there is a problem with the placeholders. It will be fixed in the next SP.

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Re: Trigger not working in mobile app

Man Sad Smiley Sad


I´ll have to wait then...

Isn´t there a price for the community member who finds more bugs?