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Use Legend in Analyzer View



i already use M.App Enterprise v16.6 where in the analyzer view configurator feature data tab exist "Legend" dropdownlist, anyone know what exactly the function and how to use it, i already create some legend in but can not see my legend in FA configurator. are possible to visualize some WMTS data with that function.






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Re: Use Legend in Analyzer View

Hi PancalR,


It past versions of M.App Enterprise (MAE) Analyzer Views (AV) there was no option to use 'Legend'.

When using the combo box to specify the input 'Vector set' the user would be presented with all valid for AV vector sets published in the Tenant.

The addition of the 'Legend' parameter is a way to filter vector sets in AV.

When a Browser legend is set with Vector sets present in the MAE Studio these will then appear in the 'Legend' drop down in AV.

In this way with a Legend specified only those Vector sets specified in that legend are available to use in AV.


In summary, it is a way to filter Vector sets for use in AV. 


With a legend applied there are only two Vectorsets available 'CrimeVS' and 'ParcelsVS' as they exist in the legend.




With no Legend applied I see all vectorsets applicable to AV that are published in the Tenant.