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Registered: ‎03-09-2018

Using M.E. Mobile with an external Bluetooth GPS

Good Morning,


I am working on a Map Enterprise Mobile App for our Public Works department to do field data collection and location.  Unfortunately the accuracy of an IPads internal GPS is not good enough for their needs so I am investigating using an external bluetooth GPS device to improve the location.


The good news is I'm able to get sub-meter accuracy from the external GPS, it connects very easily to the device and apps like Google Maps use it's location right 'out of the box'.


The bad news is M.E. Mobile only seems to use the location from the external GPS when the tablet is in Airplane mode with Wi-Fi disabled.  Which wouldn't necessarily be a deal breaker but turning off wi-fi also seems to cause M.E. Mobile to stop updating/refreshing it's location.  Which makes the workflow to capture new or locate existing points difficult.  I have discovered that flip-flopping between Google Maps and M.E. Mobile 'kicks' M.E. to the new/updated loation but that's not a workflow I want to have to suggest to our users.


Has anyone made M.E. Mobile work with an external Bluetooth GPS device?  Any tips, tricks, suggestions, etc... on ways to ensure M.E. Mobile uses the external locaiton with Wi-Fi enabled and/or continually refreshes it's location with Wi-Fi disabled?