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Registered: ‎02-19-2019
Accepted Solution

Vector Set in Feature Analyzer using SQL server

Dear Community ,


I am using the latest Mapp Enterprise 16.1.3.  I'm able to publish vector sets, however, could not able to see the vector sets in the Feature Analyzer configuration. Publish was fine with no errors. 


Even I'm trying to load from online I'm getting error " Error: An error occurred when using the path specified in the Data URL field."


How can resolve this issue? Thanks in Advance !


Technical Evangelist
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Re: Vector Set in Feature Analyzer using SQL server

Hi Liton,


Vector set must be published in EPSG 3857 for use in Analyzer Views in M.App Enterprise. Is that the case for you here? If not you can edit it so and publish again.


For the online source you may monitor the call in the developer console (F12) to get a clue as what is wrong. More information is needed here to give you a specific idea but perhaps the virtual directory isn't permissable?