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Accepted Solution

WMS Geoservice

Hi All,


I am trying to add a WMS in the Geoservices section of M.App Enterprise. When I type the name, WMS URL and authentication credentials I get my list of layers as expected. My question is, is there an easy way to add a multi-level WMS to M.App Enterprise? The reason I ask is that
there are approximately 40 layers in this WMS and adding each layer individually would take some time. I thought it would be worth while asking if this can be done quicker and more effieciently before I started adding them one by one. Any advice is much appreciated.


Kind Regards,


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Re: WMS Geoservice

Hi Ryan,


Each WMS service in M.App Enterprise will register one layer at a time. You may go back and change which layer you wish to register with a WMS but if you wish to have multiple at one time you will need a Geoservice WMS for each layer as you desire.