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Registered: ‎02-27-2019
Accepted Solution

Workflow no selected elements while editing geometry

Hello community,


I have a question about editing geometries in the workflow.

When I want to edit a polygon sometimes an error message comes up: There are no elements selected! Please select an element and restart the action.no selected elemnt.PNG


But then I can't select any geometry and have to cancel the geometry editing. Then I try it again. Now it can be that it works or this error message appears again. This goes on until it works and I can edit the polygon. This is really annoying.


Does anyone have the same problem? Or does anyone know how to fix this?



This is written behind my action buttonaction_button.PNG


Technical Evangelist
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Re: Workflow no selected elements while editing geometry

hi mdeibler,


This sounds like the issue that was discussed here. Please review and determine if that is the case.


That particular linked issue is resolved and will be included in next official release of M.App Enterprise.

If your need is critical please open a support ticket to request hotfix to 16.6.