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manipulating html

 good eveneing / morning,

im working with mapp enterprise 2020. im currently working on browser application where i imported a workflow im creating input form and im trying to put a botton there which should create another field for input ex: input customer ( there should be my button which by clicking will create another enput field for customer two..three..so on

my problem is that i need to manipulate the html script to give my button a tag and class etc.. where can i edite the form html?

thanks in advance.

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Re: manipulating html

Hi Taher,


Can you be sure that you are working with M.App Enterprise (MAE) 2020 version?

The latest publicly available version of MAE is 2019 Update 4.


The workflow and form settings specific to your workflow have .xml at the warehouse location '\YOURtenantNAME\Workflows'.


The .css files among other things which may help you are found on the MAE Server at location '~:\Program Files\Hexagon\M.App Enterprise\Workflows\Content'