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M.App Enterprise 2019 Update 2 ( is now available

by Community Manager on ‎01-09-2020 06:20 AM (1,178 Views)

The M.App Enterprise 2019 Update 2 ( is now available.


The full install is available for download at the Hexagon Geospatial downloads website.


Instructions to install this release:




  • Microsoft .NET 4.6.1 or higher
  • IIS 8 or higher
  • Supported databases
    • PostgreSQL 9.4 and later
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and later
    • Oracle 12c and later
      • Requires Oracle 12c ODAC or higher (64-bit) on client


Highlights included:


  • AI Operators in Geoprocessing
  • 3D Visualization & Analytics
  • LuciadFusion & LuciadRIA integration
  • File based vector formats
  • Java Plugin API for Desktop Client
  •  Feature Analyzer
    • Live layer support
    • Multisurface features as primary feature
    • Better handling of tooltips on additional datasets
    • Several fixes to improve stability
  • M.App Editor and RiaClient
    • Update to latest LuciadRIA library
    • Enable basic java script customization for new app type '3D map' in M.App Editor
    • Better handling of vector layers on initial map load
  • LuciadFusion installer
    • Update to latest LuciadFusion version
    • Minor bug fixes


Please refer to the attached MApp-Enterprise-Release_Guide_2019.pdf

on ‎01-22-2020 05:22 AM

Where can I find the Release Guide for Update 1 and 2? The attached is just for 2019 from September.

by Community Manager
‎01-30-2020 01:24 PM - edited ‎01-30-2020 01:24 PM

Hello cweidl.


The same release guide applies to all updates.

For the most up to date information regarding any of our products please refer to the on line documentation portal.

For MAE more information can be found here.





on ‎02-06-2020 12:44 AM

Hi Marc,


maybe I was a bit unclear. I am very interested in the issues resolved, which are always listed in the Realse guides. I can't find resolved issues in the online documentation portal. We just knew yesterday by asking in the community here thath a major problem of our clients is fixed in Update 2. Unfortunately the Release Guide above is from September 2019 and not from December when the Update 2 was released. 

It is very important to see which issues are relsoved in Update 1 and 2. Right know this information is not available for me. It's the first time thaht it's not in the release guide.

on ‎02-07-2020 03:13 AM



We imported an older database set into the new version of M.App Enterprise. 


We have now lost the clusters that were available on the older vresion. 


Does the ability to gather single point data into cluster still exist and if so where is the setting for this? 


Many thanks the any help. 


Stephen Coll