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How to use JavaScript to parse specific datetime info as a Functional Attribute in Analyzer View

by sclow ‎03-19-2018 07:41 AM - edited ‎03-19-2018 07:42 AM (572 Views)


Analyzer Views use datetime fields to visualize and chart incidents by a datetime field in the specified dataset. How can the datetime field be further parsed as a functional attribute to obtain and eventually chart more specific information about the datetime value of each record?


Given that a datetime field can be parsed of all the different parts that make it up there are a range of possibilities to answer this question.

Below is an example of using JavaScript to create a functional attribute against Incident data in an Analyzer View that contains datetime. Please pay attention to the comments within.


// create Date object from valid string inputs
var datetime = new Date(currentRecord["EVT_DATE"]);

// format the output
var year = datetime.getFullYear();

var month = new Array();
 month[0] = "January";
 month[1] = "February";
 month[2] = "March";
 month[3] = "April";
 month[4] = "May";
 month[5] = "June";
 month[6] = "July";
 month[7] = "August";
 month[8] = "September";
 month[9] = "October";
 month[10] = "November";
 month[11] = "December";
var mon = month[datetime.getMonth()]; 
var day = datetime.getDate();

var hour = datetime.getHours();
if (hour < 10)
    hour = "0"+hour;

var min = datetime.getMinutes();
if (min < 10)
    min = "0"+min;

var sec = datetime.getSeconds();

// put it all together depending on the output you wish to recieve
// These are just examples and not all of the possibilities
// Uncomment to use
//var dateTimeString = hour+':'+min+ ':'+sec; //If wanting H:M:S
//var dateTimeString = year; //If wanting YYYY
//var dateTimeString = mon+' ' +day+', '+year; //If wanting Month DD, YYYY


return dateTimeString;

See result when creating new Functional Attribute 'CalcTime'