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Mobile App with tenant metadata and/or data in Oracle database

by on ‎07-01-2019 09:55 AM (863 Views)


Having tenant metadata in Oracle configured using a TNS name specified in tnsnames.ora, you cannot login into the Mobile App getting "Invalid User" error.

Having data in Oracle configured using a TNS name specified in tnsnames.ora, you get error while trying to load the Mobile App assigned to you.


On the server side you can check the event viewer and you will find an error related to a .NET application. In the details you will find an oracle error like:

ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified


That errors is related to the Oracle .NET managed driver that is not capabile or reading the settings in the Windows registry. Please refer to:



You have to manually edit the web.config file of the Mobile endpoint within:

[M.App Enterprise installation folder]\Mobile


You have to add the following within the <configuration> section:

  • at the beginning, before <system.web> section:


	<section name="oracle.manageddataaccess.client" type="OracleInternal.Common.ODPMSectionHandler, Oracle.ManagedDataAccess, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89b483f429c47342"/>
  • right after <system.data> section (changing the content of the "value"):
	<version number="*">
			<setting name="TNS_ADMIN" value="C:\oracle\product\18.0.0\client_1\network\admin" />



on ‎07-10-2019 02:49 AM

Thanks Stefano,


a short remark. I have followed your steps and modified the web.config as stated above. After the change the mobile endpoint was not accessible anymore: Error500

The reason: the oracle.manageddataaccess.client has been already defined.


After removing the complete <configSections>-part the mobile endpoint was accessible and I was able to login even when using Oracle




on ‎07-10-2019 03:10 AM

hi Fritz,


thanks for the feedback.


Did you have this line in the <DbProviderFactories>?

<remove invariant="Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client" />




on ‎07-10-2019 05:28 AM

Hi Stefano,


yes this line is there. The DB-Providers block looks like:


      <remove invariant="Npgsql" />
      <add name="Npgsql Data Provider" invariant="Npgsql" description=".Net Framework Data Provider for Postgresql" type="Npgsql.NpgsqlFactory, Npgsql" />
      <remove invariant="Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client" />
      <add name="ODP.NET, Managed Driver" invariant="Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client" description="Oracle Data Provider for .NET, Managed Driver" type="Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client.OracleClientFactory, Oracle.ManagedDataAccess, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89b483f429c47342" />

Right after this block I added:



  <version number="*">
    		<setting name="TNS_ADMIN" value="C:\Program Files\Oracle\Client\product\12.1.0\client_32\network\admin" />

Now I do not get any errors in the event viewer, the mobile endpoints still works and I am able to login and startup the mobile app.