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Published vectorset not available for use as M.App Enterprise Feature Data in Analyzer View

by Technical Evangelist ‎08-16-2019 06:55 AM - edited ‎08-16-2019 06:56 AM (215 Views)


We have successfully published our vectorset with the desire to use it as Feature Data in an Analyzer View. Why then is it not available as a M.App Enterprise (MAE) Feature Data vectorset during the configuration of the Analzyer View?


In many cases vector datasets are projected in native EPSG codes ie. EPSG 69911. Vectorsets can be published in any EPSG that is supported in MAE. However, a vectorset that is to be used as MAE Feature Data in an Analyzer View must be published in EPSG 3857 or else it will not be available for use there.


In this example we see a vectorset that has been successfully published in EPSG 69911



While this published vectorset would be available for use in other areas of MAE (Desktop M.App, etc.) it is not available in Analyzer Views since the EPSG is not 3857.



To resolve this simply publish again the vectorset this time using ESPG 3857 and it will then be available for use and configuration in MAE Analyzer Views.