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Standalone Workflow in custom panel

by ‎11-24-2017 07:09 AM - edited ‎11-29-2017 07:59 AM (4,217 Views)

This article shows how to quickly configure a browser based application in M.App Enterprise with a Workflow loaded in a custom panel.


First prerequisite is to configure a valid Workflow in Studio content. Then you have to prepare a browser M.App with at least one Custom Panel (please check this tutorial to understand the main steps). Then you have to go to the customization option of your custom panel and copy and paste the Javascript code attached to this article in the JS source:



In the source code you have to provide the following information:

  • user credentials to get a valid token and a SessionId (necessary for the workflow execution)
  • workflow name configured in Studio
  • workflow node id to be loaded by default

You have to add jquery as external library reference:


You can than save the application, assign it to a role and use it from the the end user perspective.


on ‎05-26-2020 07:43 AM

hi Pavel,


interesting, you found a way. I used to make use of window.postMessage to communicate...



by Technical Evangelist
on ‎05-26-2020 07:49 AM

Hi Stefano,


I spent many hours on that issue, but I still believed it must be there somewhere Smiley Happy