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Using domain accounts for the Warehouse user

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-05-2019 12:18 AM (230 Views)

Typical Use Case

In many cases, your IT policy doesn't allow to use a local computer user, or user with Administrator rights to be set as a Warehouse user during M.App Enterprise installation. Instead, the IT department provides special domain user account with specific rights set to run Windows services and Application Pools within the network infrastructure.

Conditions and Permissions Required

The specific domain user must have following rights and permissions:

  1. Read/Write (or Full Control) permisisons on the M.App Enterprise warehouse folder. Typically, it will be the product installation folder.
  2. Make sure that the same Warehouse user is used for Application Pools:
    • M.App
    • M.App IWS
    • M.App Mobile
    • M.App Workflows
  3. Account must have privileges to query a service status - those are automatically available for members of local Administrators group. Otherwise, they need to be set up manually, e.g. using SubInACL tool provided by Microsoft.