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Working with Tutorial: How to display points thematically in Mobile M.App

by Technical Evangelist on ‎06-19-2019 06:34 AM (280 Views)


How can points be displayed as a thematic in a M.App Enteriprise Mobile M.App?






Displaying the Marker Vector layer thematically in Mobile M.Apps requires the use of images contained in an 'Icons' folder. Knowing attribute values by which the dataset will be classified leads to a step by step process in creating a thematic display of the points.



Knowing the data

The ‘Crime’ table that this example is based on contains an attribute ‘rucr_ext_d’ which identifies the types of crimes committed. There are five possible values for this attribute: 'ASSAULT', 'ROBBERY', 'THEFT OF VEHICLE', 'THEFT FROM VEHICLE' and 'BREAK AND ENTER'.


Preparing the 'Icons' folder

A folder 'Icons' is expected in the shell folder when using custom Icons.



If you wish to base this Icon on an attribute value then whatever attribute value you have should have a named .png. Additionally, as per the documentation, there should be a @2x, @3x and @4x .png as well.




Setting up Marker Vector layer to use Icon based on attribute value (ie. RUCR_EXT_D)



<MarkerVectorLayer Entity="Crime_ent" Icon="RUCR_EXT_D" ZIndex="0" MinimumZoomLevel="12" MaximumZoomLevel="20">
			<FeatureInfo Title="Crime Report" Detail="@{RUCR_EXT_D}">
                <NavigateShellAction Icon="Edit" Target="CrimeForm">
                    <Parameter Name="Id" Value="@{Guid}" />


Displaying the Thematic points in Mobile M.App

Ensure that all .xaml's that were edited are saved. Zip all necessary files in the shell and upload to the via M.App Enterprise Studio the most recent shell.


Launch the Mobile M.App and observe the points are now displayed thematically based on icons and attribute values.