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New Contributor
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎02-23-2017

BI Map - Show Map legend not working

Hi everyone,

My BI Map ignores if I set the "Map legend" to visible. In the configuration utility the legend is shown, but when the map is saved and opened as app the legend disappears.

The main problem is that the “reset” selector for the map isn’t visible as well. If any polygon is clicked on the map you can’t reset the selection.


The same behavior is if any Tooltip is set active.

Any workaround for that?






screenshot.2017-04-20 (10).jpg


screenshot.2017-04-20 (11).jpg

New Contributor
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎02-23-2017

Re: BI Map - Show Map legend not working

Another problem regarding the map legend is the following:

If you change the Transparency in the published map (standard is 90 and not changeable in Studio?), the transparency is changed for the current dataset, but: the App starts to download the dataset a second time and fails to load it. "loadit is not defined".

The "Downloading" Message stays unity you restart the App.


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