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Clickable features on Map



Am I able in Mobile to give the ability to the user when he click on a feature on the map to open a form? if yes what should I add and where?



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Re: Clickable features on Map

Hi John,


There are a few ways one could go about this.

Here I specified feature info for my marker layer "Crime_ent". When a feature from this layer is clicked the option to 'edit' will come up as one of the 3 available icons. I have a NavigateShellAction tied to 'Edit' that will target the 'CrimeForm'. In this way when the user clicks on edit it references the CrimeForm.xaml in my Shell that contains a configured form.


<MarkerVectorLayer Entity="Crime_ent" Icon="Map.Pin.png" ZIndex="0" MinimumZoomLevel="12" MaximumZoomLevel="20">
			<FeatureInfo Title="Crime Report" Detail="@{RUCR_EXT_D}">
                <NavigateShellAction Icon="Edit" Target="CrimeForm">
                    <Parameter Name="Id" Value="@{Guid}" />

User clicks on feature in map to bring up FeatureInfo



User clicks on Edit icon that targets the 'CrimeForm' and the result is:





Occasional Contributor
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎02-20-2018

Re: Clickable features on Map

[ Edited ]

Hi sclow,


Thanks for your reply, I made the configuration you sent, and it worked

I only changed the Value="@{Guid}" to my column name, and leaved Name="Id"


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