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Export to Excel

In my desktop App, I have a search workflow with a list where users run filter analysis. we are trying to add a button that exports our filter tabel to excel .I tried to call IG.exportToCSV() fuction in the action with no luck,is it possible to convert into CSV file and download it ?  


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Re: Export to Excel

[ Edited ]

There is no reporting capabilities in Workflows within MAE Desktop app But I have done list data to export excel different way. 


This is procedure the way I have done this task.


  1. I’m catching the filter parameters value through JavaScript and sending all parameters to my ASP.NET application as a query string.


ExportToExcel = function (){
 var ASSET_ID=document.getElementById("ASSET_ID").value;  
 var NAME=document.getElementById("NAME").value;
 var ASSET_TYPE_NAME = document.getElementById("ASSET_TYPE_NAME").value;
 var TOWNLAND = document.getElementById("TOWNLAND").value;
 var ASSET_FOLIO_NUMBER=document.getElementById("ASSET_FOLIO_NUMBER").value;
 var FLAGGED_NOTE=document.getElementById("FLAGGED_NOTE").value;

// I wrote this code in Excel button action

ExportToExcel(); IG.filter.resetFilter()



  1. From ASP.NET application I’m catching all parameters and generating query to pull out data from database.
  2. After getting all data from database, I’m converting data to Excel file in my ASP.NET application.
  3. From M.APP application catching the excel file and showing to the end user .
  4. Mainly I use 2 application to generate the excel file but End user will not see the backend application.


Happy programming !

Posts: 37
Registered: ‎02-19-2019

Re: Export to Excel

[ Edited ]

Sorry, I could not publish here asp.net c# code here because of different application/technology but If you need any help or have any query, please feel free to get in touch with me. I will send my code privatlely. Thanks !

Happy coding !

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