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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎09-19-2016

GE_MODIFY error "No geometry of the given id list was found"



I have a problem similar to this:


From my form I try to edit the geometry of ID1= 4400 in the table AREE_CONC (name of table and layer is the same) with the following action


SC.digitize('AREE_CONC', {commands: ['GE_MODIFY'], startOnLoad: 'GE_MODIFY'}, [{FORM.ID1}])



<Form name="MOD_AREA_DI_CONC" editable="true" idfield="ID1" table="DEMANIO_GEOM.AREE_CONC">
<FormTab name="NewTabPage1" editable="true" visible="true">
<FormGroup name="NewGroup1" editable="true" visible="true">
<FormField name="ID1" editable="true" visible="true" datatype="number" required="true" persisted="true" saveinsession="false" type="textfield" override="false" />
<FormAction name="MOD_GEOM" editable="true" visible="true" action="SCRIPT[SC.digitize('AREE_CONC', {commands: ['GE_MODIFY'], startOnLoad: 'GE_MODIFY'}, [{FORM.ID1}])]" />



The workflow window crash and I get this error in the log:


Apr 18, 2019 12:05:11 PM SEVERE: Error while loading geometries. --> [MapContentController] com.intergraph.web.plugin.edit.EditPlugin$1.contentRequestDone
java.lang.IllegalStateException: No geometry of the given id list was found! [layer = AREE_CONC, ids = [AttributeImpl [type=class java.lang.Long, value=4400]]]
at com.intergraph.web.plugin.edit.EditPlugin$1.contentRequestDone(EditPlugin.java:492)
at com.hexgeo.enterprise.loader.MapContentRequest.fireRequestDone(MapContentRequest.java:56)
at com.hexgeo.enterprise.loader.MapContentLoader.load(MapContentLoader.java:75)
at com.hexgeo.enterprise.loader.MapContentLoader.load(MapContentLoader.java:62)
at com.hexgeo.enterprise.loader.MapContentController.run(MapContentController.java:81)


I changed the Desktop M.App definition from EPSG:6708 to EPSG:3857 as suggested in the linked topic but it didn't work for me.


Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you


Frequent Contributor
Posts: 110
Registered: ‎05-25-2016

Re: GE_MODIFY error "No geometry of the given id list was found"

Here I’ll make what may be a stupid question, but this happened to me before while I was trying to edit an entry with no geometry... Does that id have a geometry at all? can you use the zoom script to that feature?. It looks like it simply cannot find a geometry to edit.

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