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How to import point data for use in a MAE Mobile app

I have telephone pole data with lat/longs in a csv that i would like to build a mobile inspection app around.  I have been using the Lab6 tutorial as a template app and it seemed to be straight forward until I realized the app uses GUIDs for a pkey and the data I imported into PostGIS uses an integer.  The app does not have to create new poles, just change attributes and snap pictures.  How do I populate the existing records with a compatible GUID and geometry?

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Re: How to import point data for use in a MAE Mobile app

 In fact, you only need the UID´s in the mobile app if you want to add features, particularly if you need to add features while the mobile device is offline. GUID´s will ensure that the id value given to a new feature is unique, if you use integers then another user may send a new feature with the same id making a mess of your data. 

If you still want to give it a try, the GUID doesn´t need to be the actual PK in postgres you just define it as a PK on the app. Easy way to do what you need is to load the CSV into postgres and manually add the GUID column (character(36)) then generate the UID values with a query ( SELECT uuid_generate_v4()::text; ).  


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Re: How to import point data for use in a MAE Mobile app

If you only edit data you can keep your integer column as key field.


To generate a geometry column from your lat/long values you can use ST_Point function.




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