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M.App Enterprise zoom row action not working correctly

Dear all,


In building a list in M.App Enterprise, I am using a row action that should zoom into the point layer named (Giza) using the following javascript:

SC.Map.setActiveLayer('Giza'); SC.Map.setSelectedElements({ROW.gid});SC.Map.setMapScale(16000); SC.Map.fitSelectedElements(); SC.Map.closeWebBrowser()

But when I click on that action button it doesn't zoom into the desired point.


Could you please help with that.


Best Regards,



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Re: M.App Enterprise zoom row action not working correctly

Hi Khaled,


please have a look at the following tutorial (Javascript API is asynchronous, so you have to wait for the execution of the previous method):






Stefano Turcato
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Hexagon Geospatial
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Re: M.App Enterprise zoom row action not working correctly

In case someone is not getting it, the key is in the " someting.then(function(){}". 

if you write your code like 


SC.Map.setActiveLayer('Giza'); SC.Map.setSelectedElements({ROW.gid});


Then javascript API will try ti execute "SC.Map.setSelectedElements()" at the same time than the "SC.Map.setActiveLaye" part and since the active layer is not set you´ll get an error.

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